Boundaries we set by imagination, not engineering
The design process is always continued by the lifestyle and vision that you lead, and we follow. Your eager to explore the unknown and take the route not taken be the inspiration source of our boundaries.


At this point, our in-house naval architects and designers work super closely with industry's leading engineering studios. The harmony of cooperation between hundreds of workforce ensures has always been the reality behind the success of our engineering. After a detailed 3D model of the yacht is made, it is used as a reference for further engineering. Each unique hull shape is designed, calculated, and optimized for speed, efficiency, and comfort. Large-scale models of the designs may be created, or Computational Fluid Dynamics(CFD) is used to assess the new design.


What we define as the correlation of millions of elements in the yacht. The overall efficiency ends up with fuel consumption and insulation, which are defined by hull design and material ion. At Mengi Yay, we are always cautious about obtaining this correlation, which should match your needs and realistic & modern design.


We ensure the perfect point of your comfort vs. safety in terms of stability. In addition to the fin stabilizers, usage of bilge keel as a Mengi Yay standard is one of the key points to ensure transverse security on board.


Every new Mengi Yay yacht launched is more significant innovation than the last, as constant strive of change push our boundaries to redefine theapproach and build better and initiative yachts. Continuously implementing very latest insights and technologies that are being used in automobile and spacecraft industries where materials get ed out of their weight to strength ratio. Explore Innovation