Caring is acting
The ocean covers more than 70 percent of the surface of our planet. Although rainforests are responsible for roughly (28%) of the Earth's oxygen most (70%) of the oxygen in the atmosphere is produced by marine plants. The temperature in the atmosphere and ocean increase due to increment in the carbon rate and this correlation between carbon and temperature cause fatal damage in marine life and prevent the ability to produce oxygen. In addition to the primary cause of sea pollution and global warming, marine life gets affected by the lack of oxygen and source of food, which creates another massive problem to life on Earth.
Transition to sustainable life
The transition is inevitable, and the more yacht building industry waits, the more damage we do to our planet. We as Mengi Yay family extensively invest back to the infrastructure on Research and Development to achieve; Fully electric and diesel hybrid propulsion and the search for new materials which carry golden ratio between weight-strength-affordability. As we follow the principle of each next yacht launched brings more innovative and sustainable engineering, the mindset forms itself and becomes consistent.
Giving back to nature
Since the forests support economy, provide habitat and protect clean water, it becomes an essential part of human life. Yachting industry nearly harvests 150 m³ of trees per a 40-metre long superyacht. Thus, Mengi Yay family have decided to make a pioneering agreement to cover this gap in nature that has been growing since the beginning of yacht building. The shipyard notes every tree that has been harvesting by itself and all the subcontractors. After the launching Mengi Yay plant the trees back to nature where they belong.