Building the future
Every new Mengi Yay yacht launched is more significant innovation than the last, as constant strive of innovation push our boundaries to redefine the approach and build better and innovative yachts. We are continuously implementing very latest insights and technologies that are being used in automobile and spacecraft industries where materials get selected out of their weight to strength ratio. Mengi Yay Yachts are the products of continuous innovation and excellent quality as a result of experienced Research and Development.
Efficient Yachts

45-metre Aquarius features a remarkable fuel efficiency. Due to the construction materials and advanced engineering methodologies, the motor yacht achieves 60l/h including two generators running at 8.7 knots economic speed. She sets not only a record for being fuel efficient but also her remarkable 4138 miles of range with only 33,000 liters of fuel.

The Future of Hybrid & Full Electric Propulsion
We continue to invest extensively in the research of efficient propulsion technologies that promise a significant step forward in innovation and sustainability, such as hybrid and full electric concepts. Our approach to innovation versus sustainability has been more than integrating futuristic technologies but also catching the perfect ratio between light material, fuel efficiency, and reliability.
Smart Glass Bridge
The smart glass bridge technology is the benchmark of future super yachts wheelhouse. The customizable touch panels are designed on the operational needs of the yacht. The integrated bridge systems combine functional ergonomics with an elegant and stylish presentation.

Fully integrated touch panels to control; power management system, machinery, inner and outer electronics.