COVID-19 Safety at Mengi Yay
COVID-19 Safety at Mengi Yay

As all the industries, COVID-19 virus hit the yacht building deeply, affecting millions of employees and employers by preventing them to visit work and offer progress in shipyard. The lockdown enforcement took place during the peak season of the contagious virus sourcing from an unknown animal species spread from Wuhan, China to the whole world.

The workers who work in static position were able to continue their work from a distant location with limited mobility and progress but that kept the Mengi Yay’s heart beating during the uncertain times. After the constant governmental lockdowns, the restrictions stayed with weekend and majorly Sunday. 

Nowadays, the virus spreads whereas the lockdowns and measures are getting limited. The following information mentions the safety and health protocols due to increasing concerns.


Mengi Yay’s protective measures meet and exceed district and province guidelines for Istanbul Turkey, and we are working diligently to enforce them. The vast majority of employees approve of the safety measures that are in place. (If) reported otherwise, we have had very few cases of COVID-19 and those who have been impacted have either returned to work or are recovering from home. Each employee is provided with unlimited number of one-off masks, custom anchor sticker mask, gloves and sanitizers. The timeline of workforce is divided in order to minimize to contact which was possible given the discipline and care of the employees.

The major credit goes to our employees who are working very hard to follow our safety protocols and keep each other accountable and have never avoided the use of mask and gloves when needed. 

Mengi Yay also provides 14-day potential COVID sick leave pay for employees as commented by the government. 

We are working every day to make the right decisions for our employees and their families, and put their health and safety first.