Company Policy
As Mengi Yay Yachting, our company, which has been providing respectable, honest and reliable service in the yachting sector since 1964;
  • Our yachts, which we produce by using raw materials and energy resources efficiently with our talented employees, are environmentally friendly and have the quality to meet the needs and expectations of our customers.
  • To build yachts that will meet the needs and expectations of our customers with the participation and effort of all our employees,
  • To follow the technological developments and innovations continuously and apply them in our service,
  • To encourage our employees creativity and to support thier knowledge with trainings in every field,
  • To increase the quality awareness and to hold all managers and employees responsible for quality and productivity in all areas,
  • To comply with the requirements of the integrated management system and to ensure continuous improvement, taking into account environmental factors and occupational safety rules,
  • Acting with the principle of no accident and no occupational disease, to take measures to minimize damages in case of accident or emergency that may occur during our activities,
  • In consultation with our employees, to ensure that they inspire the company with their new ideas, to develop innovative approaches, to create an environment that will increase their professional competencies and to organize trainings,
  • To eliminate occupational health and safety hazards and to reduce OHS risks,
  • With the awareness that the resources in the world are not infinite, adopting this not as an obligation, but as a responsibility to leave a carefully protected environment for the future and take the necessary actions,
  • To prevent environmental pollution, Saving in the consumption of resources such as electrical energy, water and paper used in our facilities and ensuring the creation of a technological and systemic infrastructure for this,
  • To ensure the recycling of wastes generated during our activities and to take measures to reduce their production, to avoid events that will cause high carbon emissions,
  • To ensure the implementation and sustainability of waste management by being aware of the fact that the resources in the world are in a cycle,
  • To be a pioneer in the sector by producing magnificent yachts, while complying with international and national restrictions and standards, by fulfilling our obligations that we must comply with,
  • To maximize the satisfaction of our customers while building yachts and after construction in compliance of the regulations of the authorities and classification societies,
  • To increase and maintain customer satisfaction with risks and opportunities that may affect the usability and comfort of the yachts we have built,
  • Gaining the trust of all our customers and all our suppliers, to whom we deliver the yachts we have built, by reaching the extreme quality in the most economical, fastest and shortest way,
  • It is committed to increase and continuously improve the performance of our integrated management system.