20 May 2023
A little tour with La Vie
A little tour with La Vie




MENGİ YAY Yachts successfully launched the first of its Virtus 47 motor series yachts at its shipyard in Tuzla on April 10, 2022 and the superyacht was delivered to its owner in June. Mengi Yay released B.A.L.M.Y., the second member of the series, in June and continues with the third body of the series being built.



By Şimal Demirkan Photos Mengi Yay ARCHIVE

La Vie




With a history of nearly 60 years, MENGİ YAY Yachts develops day by day and builds custom-made steel-aluminum yachts. MENGİ YAY Yachts owns one of the largest (19,365m2) and sophisticated facilities specially designed for the repair and refurbishment of existing boats and the production of brand new state-of-the-art luxury motor and sailing yachts.


Mengi Yay presents the Virtus Series, a 58-year-old spin-off, to today's world. MENGİ YAY Yachts decided to continue the production of a new 47 meter boat in the series after the successful construction and delivery of the Virtus 44 meter project to its owner in 2020. Following this decision, we followed the process of launching and delivering the 47-meter La Vie to its owner in 2022 by MENGİ YAY Yachts. We are now taking a closer look at this ambitious superyacht that started its cruise life.



Mengi Yay Yachts successfully launched La Vie, the first of its Virtus 47 motor series yachts, from its shipyard in Tuzla on April 10, 2022. The project came to life in Tuzla Shipyard with a length of 47.8 meters and a steel/aluminum construction. The yacht was in Pendik Marintürk Marina for a while for final equipment and sea tests and was handed over to its owner in June 2022.

Mengi Yay Yachts, whose aim is to provide the best experience to its owner by realizing customer-oriented production, means a lot for both the shipyard personnel and the boat owner, as the project realized in it is the first fruit of the Virtus 47 series built by the shipyard.



La Vie has an exterior design by VYD Studio and a body by Ginton Naval Architects. The duo wrote it with modern flair. Clean, long and flowing lines throughout its profile; and around the sundeck a more sophisticated style is visible, giving it a clean, sporty look.

The smooth surfaces of La Vie, which are striking at first glance, keep their eyes on them. Fluid uninterrupted windows and the color contrast that makes the surfaces distinctive are among the striking design details. The wooden surfaces that support this design, created with an uninterrupted continuity, and the light plays created by day and night give La Vie a sparkle. The signature of the designer stands out especially with the details of the stern. Both comfort and ingenious design are breathtaking on this yacht. Then continue digging into the depths of La Vie…



La Vie has a fresh and contemporary interior. Leonardo Santi Design, the studio behind the style of this superyacht, chose a soft palette that gives it a calm, soothing air. The design studio had 498 GTs to design in the process. While using this space, he came up with a design that brings us closer to the surface of the water on the lower deck of the superyacht. Offering a space for those who want to enjoy the sea on the lower deck, the designer sought answers to everything that might be needed and reflected his answers to La Vie. The sports field, which we come across towards the interior, offers an appropriate experience for those who want to do their sports with the view.


A spacious open space prevails on La Vie's main deck. The designer's line of hospitality is clearly visible in the cockpit, which is organized as a lounge and welcoming area. The building, which provides the unity of everyone in this area, has the equipment to accompany the most beautiful moments.


At the transition from the main deck to the saloon, an area created with the balanced combination of different textures and tones welcomes us. The spaciousness created by the fluid uninterrupted windows we describe maintains its feeling throughout the hall. This is the favorite place for pleasant meals and peaceful get-togethers. The kitchen, which houses extensive equipment and where pleasant smells will come to the noses, is also on this deck.



The main deck's biggest supporters are indisputably the elements, textures and colors in this space. A space has been created where we can see smooth surfaces with marble support, soft textured floor coverings in light tones, linear lighting from ceiling to floor, the brightness of the windows and sills, and the balanced use of green. The table for 12 people in the living room also accompanies the elegant atmosphere of the place.


There is an elevator located in the very center of the superyacht. In this way, the transition between the decks is made possible. The circular staircase supported by soft surfaces, which offers another preference around the elevator, is an indication that the material was chosen with user comfort in mind. On the stairs we encounter in the open area, the stairs supported by teak wood surfaces take us between the decks.






While La Vie, which is 8.80 meters wide, has all this luxury, let's go to the captain's cabin. Located on the upper deck, the cockpit is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. Necessities are positioned without ignoring the spaciousness in the area and user-orientedness is kept in the foreground. The open spaces on this deck are clearly noticeable, where the design has been filtered in order to make the guests feel as good as possible and enjoy the moment. Details such as the canopy designed in the sunbathing area designed according to the wishes of the yacht owner indicate that it has been meticulously designed to enjoy the sunny weather. The lounge, designed as an open hall on the same floor, appears as a companion to the guests' moments of sitting/relaxing.



The repetition of the open spaces visible at the stern of La Vie leads us to an 83m2 fly bridge. There is a dining table in the area decorated with equipment ed from the most prestigious brands. There is a bar on the deck where earth tones are dominant. It is possible to access the lower decks with an elevator supported by glossy surfaces. Sundeck puts the owner of the meat in a different atmosphere. A number of sun loungers for sunbathing are also on this deck. The dominance of earth tones creates a warm and natural ambiance.




All suites of La Vie have a state-of-the-art intelligent automation system. In this way, the guests as well as the yacht owner can adjust the ventilation system, lighting and curtain opening and closing processes according to their personal preferences.


The VIP cabin, located at the end of the corridor on the main deck, is a master suite with its luxury and comfort features. It is quite spacious with its king-size bed, built-in wardrobe, resting and working areas. On the lower deck, there are four guest cabins, two of which are VIP. Moving forward to the bow of this deck, we see that the cellar and cabins are reserved for the crew. La Vie has 5 cabins for the crew. The captain's cabin is on the upper deck.


Reaching a maximum speed of 14.5 knots, the luxury superyacht started its cruise as one of the examples demonstrating that the successful Turkish manufacturer knows no bounds in elegant design and functional solutions.

For more details on La Vie, you can visit its page.